The idea of this company started back in 2017, when I (Kody Aulenbacher) ordered a custom leather patch hat for my woodworking hobby. When I received the hat, I was getting a lot of interest in the hat from family and friends. I was asked how they could get one, which gave me an idea! Why not develop these custom patch hats myself....

Over the next two years, AKA Custom Lids started to take shape. At first, patches were outsourced and embossed. A process that was cumbersome and inefficient as products were sourced from overseas.

In Fall of 2019, I had reached out to a good friend of mine, Ryan Roethle, who had expressed interest in joining the business. I mentioned to him that I wanted to get into laser etched leather patches and right away made an impact with existing relationships, which helped decide on our first, fully automated, laser in December. We’ve been making custom lids for individuals, events and businesses ever since.